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Here's what some of our users have to say about Advanced Office Repair:

This product is great! You have saved us lots of time. Contact us with other apps you may have.
  Paul M. Dreskin

A big thumbs-up. It works like a charm!
  Armin Jakob

Thank you so much for recovering my file!!! Your company is truly amazing. It is rare that a company exceeds expectations. That was the best money I EVER spent on software!
  Gary Wood

Many thanks for your excellent software.
  Leander Long

Brilliant product, it certainly saved my skin.
  Simon Wilson

I used the program to repair what appeared to be a hopelessly corrupted but vital file for a client and it recovered all the data. I am most impressed with your product (and so is my client).
  Ryan Anderson

Thank you! File recovered and data saved! Regards.
  Quentin Martinson

Thank you ever so much for restoring these corrupted files. I am extremely grateful. You have 'saved my bacon'.
  Sam Hook

Cool! Worked perfectly. I appreciate the ease and elegance of your system. Thanks!!
  Reed Black

Thanks for all suggestions. We tried different computers, platforms, programs, names, Data Recovery Labs etc. Nothing would open the corrupted file. Purchased your product and quickly restored the files :).
  Elliott Miller

Be assured that I will praise your software to anyone I know who needs it! It SAVED MY DATA! You guy's rock! Thanks again.
  Vernon Williams

Your program saved me many sleepless nights! A million thanks.
  Stuart Johnson

Thank you. Program is superb, and has saved me huge amounts of time and effort!
  Phoebe Smith

Thank you! File recovered and data saved! Regards.
  Maxine Jones

Thank you very much; it is a great product and got us out of a hole.
  Benson Brown

I admit it. I tried other programs (and actually bought one) before I saw your product. It's a shame I wasted my time with them. Thanks to your program and your great customer service I now have my files back. What can I say ... thank you, really.
  Neil Johnson

Your software converted very, very unhappy people to best buddies in less than 15 minutes!!!!
  Randall Addison


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